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Pondicherry is a city located in the Pondicherry district and more particularly in the union territory. A lot of people call Pondicherry Pondy. Not only that, but another thing to keep in mind about the city is that it has another alternative name too, which is Puducherry in Tamil. This name has been used since 2006. It’s quite an interesting and distinct name; we have to say. It stands out because not only does this name make the city different, but it does offer that type of unique allure that you can rarely find nowadays.

Pondicherry was rather small, yet despite that, it was the largest Indian based French colony. Just like many other colonies out there, the city is known for having a very distinct history regarding war and trade. Since Pondicherry was a French colony, you can find a whole lot of French influences in the entire city. The Old Quarters, in particular, are very reminiscent of the French architecture. Here you can include the Boulevards and Rues that have a very interesting, distinct Mediterranean house style and numerous bakeries as well.

Yet despite all of that, Pondicherry remains Indian at its core,and you can find quite a lot of influences in this regard as well. While Indian is very popular here, people speak French as well, and that’s one of the major and most influential things to know about the region. Some people also know Pondicherry for being known as The French Riviera of the East. But it’s the great combination of both East and West that makes Pondicherry so interesting and one of a kind. It is unlike anything that you have ever seen out there, and that’s maybe the true thing that makes Pondicherry stand out in the first place.

If you visit Pondicherry after visiting Tamil Nadu, you will identify quite the culture shock. Sure, the differences may not be as significant as you would imagine, but they are there, and they do stand out from the crowd when you encounter something like this. The shift from an Indian culture to the French architecture and great wine as well as restaurants that serve steak can be a bit of a culture shock. But then again that’s what sets Pondicherry apart. It’s a unique place that has a lot of personality,and it offers a great way to appreciate the west while also paying homage to the east.

Pondicherry isn’t very large so that you can cover it in an entire day, in around 8 hours. That is, provided you have a private vehicle. Based on our experience, 2 days are more than enough to cover everything without any rush.

The best way to get around Pondicherry is to use a gearless scooter, a motorcycle, a car or even a pedal cycle. Even if you walk around the city, you can still reach all destinations without that much of an issue.

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